Body Wraps

Life Balance Acupuncture is proud to present, specialized herbal body wraps. The wraps were developed to enhance health and wellbeing.  Sandra developed wraps for those of you are fearful of needles, but are in need of rebalancing your body.  A special blend of Chinese herbs with essential oils developed for the Royal families of East Asian are placed on specific acupuncture points for condition treated. Then a thin layer of formula, special oils and aloe vera is applied to the body, and into the special healing infrared blanket to relax and rejuvenate. The infrared healing blanket will penetrate skin/tissue 2-3 inches, improves tissue healing, cell repair, sleep, increases blood circulation, metabolism, decreases pain and inflammation.  It is also lined with healing stones of bian, germanium, and jade. These stones have been know to have healing properties for hundreds of years, Bian stone is what the 1st acupuncture needles were made of.  Today we can say the stones attract (+) ions, which we are bombarded with from electromagnetic fields, computers, tablets, phones to mention a few.  The stones have many other healing properties and also calms sympathic nervous system. Wraps for Stress, Immunity, Energy are approximately 1 hour and Detoxification approximately 75 minutes.  The detoxification wrap is more intensive, and has a special blend of herbs and essential oils, then mixture of seaweed, algae, clay, aloe vera, and epson salt is applied to body.  Into the healing blanket at high heat to induce opening of pores and sweating out toxins from skin.  Don't think your toxic? We apply chemicals to our skin, the largest organ in our body on a daily basis.  Shampoo, conditioner, scented soaps, perfume, deodorant, lotions air pollution, water pollution and the list goes on.  Signs of poor immunity: Allergies, sinus and lung infections, colds, swollen lymph nodes, inflammation, anemia, poor digestion, and skin infections.  Signs of stress: Poor diet, little time for fun, always on the go, anxiety, poor sleep.  Poor Energy symptoms: depressed, no interest in life, no get up and go. Why not be good to your body, its the only one you will get! 

Prices--*All products are Organic and of highest quality.

Immunity, Energy or Stress wrap $85

Detoxification wrap $115

Jadience soaks for home $15

Healing Blanket only $35 1/2 hour or 4 for $120,  8 for $200

Auricular (ear) treatment with beads or crystal $10